3 Famous Places That Weren’t As Good As Most of Us Expect

3 Famous Places That Weren’t As Good As Most of Us Expect

Everyone has a list of famous places that they must visit someday, may it be the Stonehenge, the lost city of Mohen-jo-daro, the pyramids, we all have that list. Based on the reviews of travelers who visit these famous places, here are three of them which you should remove from the list, because they are not as amazing as you might have expected after seeing the images and brochures.


Many famous travelers and reviews of tourists agreed that Stonehenge was a disappointing place to visit. There isn’t much to see, and you can’t get very close to the famous English monument either. Travelers also suggested that Avebury henge nearby was a better place to visit, Avebury henge is big, and you can get right up close to it and soak in the history. Stonehenge however, isn’t worth the long journey from London.


The Egyptian pyramids are counted as one of the wonders of the world, so they must be that majestic, right? Well, yes, they are truly majestic. However, you won’t feel it when you travel to the Pyramids of Giza. The city is built so close the Pyramids that the Pyramids themselves have lost their charm. You can easily spot the pyramids from a tall building in the city.

Beaches of Bali:

Known that the beaches of Bali are the first travel spot for Australians during the holidays may have tempted you to visit the place. I mean, Australians trust the place, it must be good. Sadly, tourists have shown disappointment in reviews and agreed that the beaches were filthy, and the city was full of scammers.

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